STEP OUT! Japenese new photographers

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  • 開催日:2015年04月28日(火) – 2015年05月24日(日)
  • フォトグラファー:赤鹿麻耶 / 飯沼珠実 / 石川和人 / 一之瀬ちひろ / 宇田川直寛 / 今野康隆 / 佐藤悦子 / 田山湖雪 / 牧口英樹 / 水木塁 / 若林勇人

Exhibition: STEP OUT! New Japanese Photographers
Dates: April 28 (Tue) – May 24 (Sun), 2015
Maya Akashika, Tamami Iinuma, Kazuto Ishikawa, Chihiro Ichinose, Naohiro Utagawa, Yasutaka Konno, Etsuko Sato, Koyuki Tayama, Hideki Makiguchi, Rui Mizuki, Hayato Wakabayashi

IMA gallery is pleased to present ‘STEP OUT! New Japanese Photographers’ , an exhibition showcasing works by 11 emerging talents, whose diverse and experimental means of expression embody the vibrant Japanese contemporary photography scene.

Participating photographers include Kazuto Ishikawa and Rui Mizuki, whose works transform multilayered images and textures into flatness, Tamami Iinuma and Hayato Wakabayashi, whose works attempt to redefine landscape photography, and Chihiro Ichinose, who employs photography as a means of exploring memory rather than archiving facts. Hideki Makiguchi visualizes uncanny feelings within everyday urban landscape, while Koyuki Tayama traces the history and folklore of her hometown through photography. The show also features Maya Akashika, who combines theatrical staging and snapshots to create unique portraits, Naohiro Utagawa, who presents still life photography composed in improvisational manner, Yasutaka Konno, who recomposes found photographs to expose about the ephemeral truth of photography and Etsuko Sato, who invites us to peek into a carefully constructed surreal world.

Contact: IMA CONCEPT STORE 5-17-1 AXIS Bldg. 3F Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of operation: 11:00–22:00