When a person feels or experiences something, I feel that they automatically associate that feeling with of a series of links to previous experience and knowledge. When we encounter something, for example, “a summer evening with a westerly sun” or “ a white lily flower”, we naturally associate the feeling with previous knowledge of that phenomenon.

We subconsciously associate the experience with some localized – regional, cultural, generational, linguistic, etc.- common clues without realizing it. I know such a process of thinking gives us a sense of security. Because we can guess what the outcome will be, and it’s easier to think this way than to think from beginning. But I sometimes worry that I may give up many other ways of thinking by using links of association in my thinking.

In the case where we don’t have any local, common clues for thinking toward unexpected events, we try to understand of feel something from them. I believe that such uncertain or suspicious thoughts are the most interesting. They are insecure but decisive.

It’s not a new idea. It’s just a contemplation about the very natural and basic parts of everyday life, or an idea about a return to the original condition. I may possibly want something which has no meaning or metaphor or no reason but to simply exists.