The pictures in this booklet, which I’ve collected over the course of eleven years (2004-2015), capture aspects of some rooms located in London, New York, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Vienna, Basel, Minamisoma, Rikuzentakata, and Tokyo. After some time, I began to ask myself what it is that triggers my interest in every-day images that don’t convey anything special or out of the ordinary. The rooms I’ve photographed are places where people who I have encountered in my life actually live. I learned what kinds of day-to-day routines go on around me, and what it is that holds these lives together (both their lives and mine) based on my own relationships. Then, I noticed that society envelops all of us almost like thin, transparent clothes.

It is not always easy to find appropriate expressions for ungraspable, but important events that continuously happen throughout our daily lives. I’ve noticed that I’ve naturally gravitated toward using photography as my language to tell the wordless stories of our daily routines.

The title of this book, “STILL LIFE,” is derived from still life paintings by seventeenth century Dutch painters, who depicted scenes from daily life, creating a new and unprecedented perspective in art. “Referencing daily life” is considered natural for us today, but in the past the ordinary was often left unnoticed.